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Amanda + Melanie // 05.23.2015

Cincinnati Same-sex Wedding Photographer

“Cassandra became more than just our wedding photographer, she became our wedding cheerleader, our wedding planner and overall the best wedding decision that we ever made. Whether it was through email, text, or coffee dates she provided us with ideas, support and an overwhelming enthusiasm for captivating love. From the moment we were in contact there was never any question that Cass would photograph our wedding. From engagement pictures to our garden wedding Cassandra took her artistic gifts and created pure beauty. Even after (and before) the wedding she sent us cards, gifts and reminders of how grateful she was for US, really it is us who is forever indebted to her.”

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Danielle + Rachel // 03.12.2016

LGBTQ Wedding Photographer

“Upon finding Cassandra’s website, we were certain she had to be our photographer. The emotion she seeks and is capable of capturing is what drew us to her work. Instead of just posing, she creates an environment to catch true moments. Being able to see our love from an outside view and know that it is authentic and not heavily directed makes the photos so special to us. Not only do we feel forever indebted to Cass for the beautiful memories she has provided us with, but also for being such a warm and welcoming person. From our engagement photos to our wedding day and beyond, she has treated us both as friends and not just clients. We are grateful and feel so lucky to have found her.”

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Eira + Justin // 04.17.2016

Cincinnati Jewish Wedding Photographer

“My husband and I could not have asked for a better photographer for our wedding than Cassandra. She took the time to get to know us and help us figure out what kind of wedding photos would capture the day without overwhelming us. On the day of our wedding, she did a fantastic job accommodating all of our family configurations, and capturing the sweet moments that only an experienced professional photographer could catch. We were blown away when we received the photographs — they capture the love Justin and I have for one another so beautifully! We highly recommend her.”

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Kate + Ellen // 11.21.2014

Same-sex wedding photographer

“When planning our simple elopement ceremony, we knew two things with certainty: we wanted to meet one another in the woods and walk together to be married, and to have a photographer that became part of the gathering. We had been following Cassandra on Instagram and she instantly came to mind…her beautiful, courageous spirit was so evident in her work and presence. From our first meeting, I (Kate) knew she was exactly the person to have at our wedding. As a photographer myself, coming from a wedding background, I can say that her work is exceptional, yet working with Cass goes to an even deeper level than beautiful images. When viewing our photographs for the first time, the raw emotion and beauty of our day was captured so perfectly that we both laughed out loud and cried openly. Cass wasn’t just our wedding photographer, she has also become a true friend, one that is encouraging, supportive, and loving, and that has no measure…she has given us so much.”

• • •

Maggie + Alyssa // 09.18.2015

Duluth Lesbian Wedding Photographer.

“I was lucky enough to stumble upon Cass’s Instagram account a little more than a year before my wedding. After showing my fiancé her photos, we knew we had to send Cass a message about her availability. We knew she was based in Ohio, but were so excited to learn that she was totally willing to travel for our Duluth, MN wedding. We ended up using Cass for both our engagement photos (taken in St. Louis) and our wedding photos. We could not have been more pleased to work with Cass! Her abundant positivity is contagious and her photos are stunning! We cannot recommend Cass enough for your special day – she will truly capture your hearts and souls in her photography!”