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Engagements + Love Sessions + Anniversaries


Engaged? Let’s celebrate your love! Click here to learn more about Wedding Collections!

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Document your relationship in the current moment. Maybe it’s new, fresh, extremely passionate, and exciting. Or maybe you’re several years in, and are more in love than ever. Either way, it’s so important to continue to capture and remember all the moments of your life, not just the big ones.

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An Anniversary Session will honor you and your love, whether you’re celebrating your 1st, 2nd, 5th, or 25th wedding anniversary — or anywhere in between. We’ll choose a special and meaningful location – whether your home, where you spoke your vows, your new special place, or maybe even where you met. What makes it unique, however, is that we spice it up with handwritten love letters, a gift exchange, cake, champagne, or any combination of these, and more! Marriage isn’t always easy, so I invite you to delight in your devotion, passion, and ongoing commitment to one another.

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 Love and Anniversary Sessions start at $350. Please contact me for more information.