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Allison + Tiffany | Gaylord Opryland Engagement | Nashville, TN

Have you experienced that moment when you meet someone new yet feel they’re old friends? Allison and Tiffany are those people. From our very first video chat, I absolutely adored these two, and thankfully, their engagement session came around soon after so we could be real life friends.

Allison and Tiffany, based in Alabama, were venturing to Nashville for a concert one weekend in April, and we’d decided this would be the perfect opportunity to meet for their engagement. We planned a fun park-setting session in downtown Nashville, and were to go for dinner afterwards.

Except these plans were very much canceled when the skies opened up and it stormed the entire weekend in Nashville. And so, we moved our session to the gorgeous Gaylord Opryland Resort. From the architectural details, palms fountains, and even the beautiful New Orleans style buildings, this engagement session truly felt like a destination in and of itself.

Once the session began, Allison and Tiffany let their guards down, and openly showed their authentic and playful selves. I was so honored to have a front row pass to this hilarity (seriously, these two made me laugh the entire session), tenderness, and honesty. When you find someone who you can be unapologetically silly with, and they just laugh along with you, hold onto them. That’s a special thing, indeed.

After our session, we went for seafood at a super delicious spot in town, and had the most amazing conversation over the next couple of hours. It was a wonderful day with two of the loveliest souls.

Can’t wait for your November wedding, lovebirds!

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