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same-sex wedding photographer cassandra zetta

I Believe
I believe it is every human being’s right to love and be loved, and that all love needs to be celebrated.
I believe that by openly sharing our love stories, we also empower others to do the same.

To create a safe space for all couples, notably those within the LGBTQ+ community, to share their love openly and honestly, without worry.

About Me
As a lifelong creative and hopeless romantic, the discovery of wedding photography and celebrating love in the biggest and best of ways, was the dream — my dream. You see, for years, I was on a winding journey doing work that left my heart empty. The struggle? I’m an INFP — someone who deeply values finding worth in my work. Making a positive impact on lives, creating a space where you never have to apologize for being you, sharing my experiences and knowledge to serve others, and gifting my craft with the world lights me up. Even more so, seeing your smiling faces, the truth in your eyes that you feel safe and seen, and the connection we create through our time together, these are the pieces that fill me with gratitude and the motivation to keep going.

 A Look Closer
 Who am I when not behind the lens? Well, my husband would tell you I’m ridiculously weird, but my shyness hides that quality most days. I’m quiet and thoughtful, artistic and honest. I enjoy experiencing new foods at local restaurants with my husband (seriously, we love food), visiting art shows, laughing at my cats and dogs being silly and undeniably cute, venturing on long road trips, and jumping on a plane to new destinations as often as possible.

 Interested in reading more about my love story? Click here and here.

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Top 5 Favorite Things, Just For Fun
Music? It’s a 50/50 split between The Lumineers and Of Monsters and Men.
Color? Teal. Hands down, forever and ever.
Food? Chocolate. (That’s a food group, right?)
Animal? Cats, obviously. (I mean, have you seen my Instagram?)
Artist? Charley Harper. My other passion is design; his work truly inspires.

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Based in Cincinnati, Ohio, with a love for travel.

[Photo Credits, L to R: Steve Scap Photography, Kelly Prizel Photography, Ryan Deasley Photography].