A Day In The Life

Introducing A Day In The Life sessions.

I have so many beautiful memories from my childhood of the simple days spent at home with my family… waking up to the smell of french toast and playing all day long without any sort of agenda. Sometimes I would spend that time alone drawing my favorite cartoon characters; others were spent playing Monopoly or making up crazy stories about far off places. Sometimes I’d sit and chat with my mom while she cooked dinner; I relished the time we spent together in the evenings, where much of our bond was formed.
In fact, most of my childhood nostalgia doesn’t bloom from the major events, but it is found instead, in those in-between daily rituals that were an intricate part of family life…  The quiet morning moments when you stumble out of bed with sleepy stretches and tousled hair, the crazy afternoons filled with fits of laughter that started with the smallest things, and the persistent requests for something else during the sweetest tuck-me-ins in the evening.
The part that hurts my heart as an adult, is that these moments weren’t documented. Those fondest of memories I’ve kept from my childhood, are just that: memories tucked away in the corners of my mind. And so much of me wishes that I had something tangible to be able to relive those days, to savor the beauty of the simplest things.  Which is why I felt compelled to open another facet of my business, adding on the kinds of session that can grab onto those little things (like her wispy curls on the back of her neck, or his shy smile as he sucks on his thumb) and cement them not only in memory,
but in photographs — with A Day In The Life sessions.
Together, we can document the most intangible, yet most prevalent, moments of parenthood and childhood.
This is unlike any ordinary session; there is absolutely no posing or prompts by me.
What does A Day In The Life session look like?
A Day In The Life session breaks down all of the walls.
We’ll begin by enjoying a dinner at your home the night before. This allows us to get comfortable with one another, and for the kiddos to warm up.
The day of the session should be the most “normal” day of your lives, with the majority of the day spent at the house. I will become part of the family for a day, capturing, interacting, and documenting it all. On the day of the session, I’ll arrive early; before everyone is awake. Capturing still little toes, sleepy eyes, and morning rituals. And the rest of the day will be naturally flowing, as it does. Eat, play, read, nap, etc. Most importantly, I want you to be yourselves. I will say my goodbyes as everyone is drifting off to sleep, after capturing the sweet bedtime rituals you share.
Are you ready to get real, making the most honest and genuine images of your life?
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